About Me

CharlieWelcome!  I am Charlie.  My wife of 43 years, Susan, and I have partnered over the years to create warm, inviting and stylish homes as we raised our four kids, and now we live in the proverbial empty nest.  I say “homes” because we’ve moved numerous times for career and life changes over the years, and are now in our twelfth home!   Many of you in corporate America can relate to that, and may have moved even more times yourselves.

Having a beautiful and inviting home has always been important to us, and when you have to find a new one every few years, you can’t afford to take several years to make it what you want.  A new home always meant re-purposing furnishings to new spaces, keeping what we could, and finding what we needed to give our homes the look we wanted.  We are those people you may have heard of, the ones who are hanging up artwork 48 hours after moving in. All that moving and adapting enabled us to keep up with new trends, experiment with new looks, and learn what works and what doesn’t.

One thing we learned along the way is that if we both like something it’s almost sure to be a winner; if one of us isn’t convinced we take a pass.  That has saved us from enormous mistakes and has also ensured that we have a decor that we both truly love.

Taking it to others…..

Over the years we have consulted on many spaces, including offices, apartments and condos, as well as single homes.  We’ve done everything from simply adding finishing touches to give it that POP! to creating a finished product out of raw space……….and everything in between.  We get enormous satisfaction from helping others achieve a beautiful yet practical look, even when they don’t yet know what they want…..especially when they don’t!

We are expanding our reach with this site, and hope that these pages give you great ideas and inspiration as you pursue perfect design for your home.

Thanks for stopping by.


Founder of Home Decor